Peer-Reviewed Publications

Connecting to economic opportunity? The role of public transport in promoting women’s employment in Lima (2019, with Daniel Martinez, Oscar Mitnik, Lynn Scholl and Patricia Yanez). Journal of Economics Race Policy.

When the identity of the perpetrator matters: the heterogeneous legacies of the civil conflict on social capital in Peru (2021, with Eduardo Malasquez) [Accepted at Economic Development and Cultural Change]

Working Papers

Female Genital Cutting and Education: Theory and Causal Evidence from Senegal (2020, with Jorge Garcia Hombrados) LSE Department of Social Policy Working Paper 10-19 [Revise and Resubmit at World Bank Economic Review]

The effect of R&D Growth on Employment and Self-Employment in UK Local Labour Markets (2018, with Tommaso Ciarli, Alberto Marzucchi and Maria Savona) Press: Research Fortnight

Do Low-WageWorkers Benefit from the Recovery of Productivity Growth? (2018, with Tommaso Ciarli and Maria Savona) SPRU Working Paper Series 2018-08. [Joseph Rowntree Brief]

Growing Up in a War: The Shaping of Trust and Identity After Conflict in Peru (2018)

Heterogeneous Local Labor Effects of Mining Booms (2018)

Regional Financial Development and Firm Growth in Peru (2013, with Eduardo Morón and Cristhian Seminario):

Financial Dependence, Formal Credit and Firm Informality: Evidence from Peruvian Household Data (2012, with Eduardo Morón and Cristhian Seminario):

Productividad, Aglomeración y Asignación de Recursos en el Perú: ¿Qué dice el Censo Económico Nacional 2008? (2008, with Eduardo Morón and Cristhian Seminario):

Work in progress

Spatial and Time Spillovers of Driving Restrictions: Evidence from Lima’s Pico y Placa (with Oscar Mitnik)

Technical Innovation Shocks, Paid Employment and Self-Employment: An Spatial Equilibrium Setting for Peru

Firm Innovation and the Wage Premium Across Occupations and Gender [slides] (with Tommaso Ciarli, Alberto Marzucchi and Maria Savona)

Published articles in Spanish

Huelgas en el Perú: Determinantes económicos e institucionales (2006, with Gustavo Yamada):

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