I am a Specialist working at the Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation sector within the Inter-American Development Bank. Previously I was a consultant at the Strategic Development Effectiveness division.

Before coming to DC, I was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit in the University of Sussex, UK. I was involved in the TEMPIS and LODGE projects.

My research interests can be framed within development economics, with emphasis on labor markets, urban economics, firm behaviour, political economy, gender, and conflict.

I have also worked for a variety of institutions. In Peru, my home country, I worked in the Research Center of Universidad del Pacifico, and the Ministry of Agriculture. In the United States I worked for two years at the Innovations for Poverty Action (I am still part of their research review committee) on different projects featuring policy interventions aimed to reduce poverty, and facilitate savings mechanisms. In the UK, besides SPRU, I have worked as Teaching Assistant at the University of Sussex, as well as casual project associate with the Institute of Development Studies.

Since the culmination of my undergrad studies I have been involved in several projects with institutions like the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, CEPR, among others.

I received a PhD in Economics (2017), and a MSc in Development Economics (2010, awarded with distinction) from University of Sussex, United Kingdom. I also have a BA in Economics (2005) from Universidad del Pacifico, Peru.

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